How do Gideon Math & Reading franchises compare?

Work-Life Balance

A part-time commitment is all that is required for a full-time reward.  Most centers are open 3-4 days per week for several hours.  Many franchisees only spend 20-25 hours per week working in the center.  If your passion is education and entrepreneurship, Gideon is the right choice!

Mastery Standards

Our superior, step-by-step curriculum and low student to teacher ratio approach ensure each child has confidence in the current skill before advancement.  Each booklet has a standard used to determine whether the student has demonstrated mastery for that particular skill. Curriculum is updated and improved on a regular basis for smooth learning.

Constant Support

We are here for you each step of the way in your journey to become a successful Gideon franchisee by offering multiple modes of support including direct access to management through phone calls and email.  We are a family-run business and will treat you the same.

What is the Gideon Method & Curriculum?

What do Gideon students say?

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